Process Engineer

能根据要求制订配色配方,根据色差情况进行配方修正,制定和维护染色配方档案 Can make colour formula according to the requirement, according to the situation of colour difference formula is modified, to develop and maintain the dyeing recipe file

-        完成追溯系统、称重系统的输入与输出 Complete the input and output of traceability system, weighing system.

-        负责进行织造,染色,整理报废的原因分析和落实解决方案 Responsible for weaving, dyeing, finishing the analysis of the causes of scrap and implement solutions

-        制订和维护织造,染色,整理作业指导书 Make maintain the weaving, dyeing, finishing

-        负责织造,染色,整理员工的专业技能培训,维护和更新染色操作人员的技能柔性矩阵图 Responsible for weaving, dyeing, finishing the staff's professional skills training, maintain and update the dyeing operator skill flexibility matrix

-        参与生产管理 involve in the management of production

-        对于生产过程进行持续改善 continue improving the productive process

-        参与解决日常出现的质量问题 involve in solving the daily quality issue

-        参与新产品过程开发,验证和确认 involve in new product process development, testing and validation.

Other Requirement 其他要求

-     了解公司质量环境&职业安全健康方针,配合执行公司相关管理规定,遵守相关法律法规

Understanding of company quality environment and occupational safety and health policy, cooperate to implement company related management regulations, comply with the relevant laws and regulations

-       了解本部门环境因素和危害因素满足 Understanding of environmental factors and hazard factors meet the department

-        协助内审员职责 To assist internal auditors responsibility

 Other Requirement 其他要求


Other task assigned by Management.


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