SHEF Manager

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Overall to take responsibility for safety, environment, health and facility, the specific items are:
1.To implement all policy, procedures and standards of company;
2.Assist to establish and implement the safety, environment and health procedures, to supervise, push and assist each department to implement all KPI, procedures and standards related EHS, to make sure company to achieve all safety objectives and KPIs;
3.Assist to establish, implement and push all activities related EHS, to make sure company can meet all requirements of internal and external EHS regulations, EHS management system and Autoliv standards;
4.Assist EHS committee to assess company’s EHS performance and ISO14001 system, to identify, research, evaluate and improve all issues, to recommend related technology, equipment, system and process;
5.To publicize related policy, procedures and standards, to strength employees’ EHS awareness;
6.To improve the relationship with local governmental bureaus related safety, environment and health;
7.To understand the change situation of EHS regulations and make sure company’s procedures can be updated in time;
8.To execute EHS inspection and reduce the accident, to lead to analysis and identify safety hidden danger, take actions to prevent accident happen;
9.To organize the annually occupational health examination to make sure to follow related requirements. To issue proper PPE for the worker needed;
10.To take charge of internal safety production to achieve safety objectives. To supervise the contractors to avoid any accident;
11.To be responsibility for security system work;
12.To maintain ISO14001 management system, make sure the operation meets related regulations;
13.To guarantee employee’s occupational health and control the risk of occupational disease;
14.To take charge of the maintain of waste water treatment station, make sure to discharge legally;
15.To take charge of fire fighting system, make sure it meets local and Global requirements;
16.To assist the EHS/sustainability/fire audits from global and other parties and to resolve the findings;
17.To manage facility;
18.Other jobs which supervisor assigned.

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